• Manage  and direct all available existing funds to support the educational needs of the children and students in the classroom
  • Regular review of the line item district budget
  • Lobby and work constantly for proper and full funding to meet all the needs of the students in School District 61

Communication with Community

  • Continue to write my monthly BLOG to report to parents and citizens about what is working and what is not working in SD 61 (impact of underfunding)
  • Regular classroom visits by trustees to stay in touch with the needs in the classroom
  • Provide trustee blog for ongoing two way communication about education issues
  • Develop a Community Budget
  • Full community participation in the budgeting process including feedback and dialogue with  stakeholder/ community presenters
  • Determine the level of public funding that meets the actual needs of the school district and submit a budget which reflects these needs
  • End the deliberate starving of the public school system by eliminating the practice of carrying forward unrestricted surplus funds
  • Demand full funding for staff wage increases from the Ministry
  • Re-evaluate administrative positions, salaries, and professional development funding (  administration $1000/yr, and for teachers $87/yr)

Full Partnership with First Nations Communities and Families

  • Actively advance the goals of the Aboriginal Education Enhancement Agreement with School District 61
  • Strengthen the new relationship between Songhees and Esquimalt First Nations and the school community
  • Participate in the development of First Nations curriculum based on culture and heritage

Defend Community Diversity and Public Space

  • Maintain small schools
  • Oppose closures and property sales
  • Support community use of school facilities
  • Work with  school communities to determine  grade configuration of their schools

Restore Quality Learning Environments – Support Just Working Conditions

  • Restore smaller class sizes to the more effective levels as stated in the Collective Agreement 2001 education funding formula (30 hr school week = 30 hr educational aide time)
  • Increase classroom support for children with behavioural difficulties
  • Increase support for school and district educational resources, including library and counselling time (currently approx. 1.5 days/week in elementary schools)
  • Reinstate staffing levels for maintenance, secretarial, custodial, and transportation services
  • Support local free collective bargaining

Show Confidence in our Teachers

  • Support for teacher-developed curriculum that is not driven by testing
  • Encourage critical thinking and joy of learning
  • Affirm the autonomy and professionalism of teachers
  • Rebuild collaborative decision-making at the school level with effective use of staff committees

Advance Community and Staff Involvement in District Decision-Making

  • Open all School Board meetings to the public by encouraging unrestricted dialogue
  • Create a public record of Trustee votes at School Board meetings
  • Full collaboration between community, trustees, staff, and administrators
  • Involve community and staff in district planning and curriculum development
  • Increase community and staff involvement in Board committees

Oppose all School Fees and Private Ventures in the Public System

  • Universal access to all programs and services without cost
  • Eliminate school fees without loss of programs
  • “No” to the contracting out of district services
  • Encourage discussion about the role of PAC fund raising as a result of provincial underfunding