October Board Meeting…New Committee to Address Bullying

Trustee Nohr…Report #9   SD 61
First Priority Always… Advocacy for Our Children   Oct. 2012
October 15, 2012       Public Board Meeting

Highlights: Our Students….. Cops for Cancer

$109,000 was raised by students, staff, parents and community members at Reynolds Secondary School this year to contribute to our fight against cancer! In three years Reynolds raised $370,000! That is truly amazing and a testament to the human spirit! Alanna Charlton, principal who will be retiring in December and will be truly missed, and Dean Norris-Jones, lead teacher for the initiative, along with some student reps explained the heart, soul and personal growth that were central to the experience this year. Thank you to everyone at Reynolds and thank you to all the other high school students who worked hard and contributed to the Cops for Cancer Campaign!

* Please support The United Way…….The United Way supports our students and communities!

* New Ad Hoc Committee has been established. It is called Culture and Community Committee …..What is it about? In general terms, the goal is to create more awareness, effective strategies, processes and connection with community services and clear roles and expectations by all professionals to ensure that our students feel cared for and safe at all times. Every partner group will have an opportunity to provide their ideas.
Motions, Motions, Motions………1)    Oak Bay High School  and  Oak Bay Recreation Center have applied for a grant to expand their TV production equipment and therefore expand their capablility to offer more courses aligned with school curriculum and on an exploratory basis through the Rec Centre. They have asked for $16,741.86. T.his grant offering is in support of Neighbourhood Learning Centres * Motion passed unanimously.

2)   The Board approved he  submission to the Ministry of Education, 2012/2013, of its Five Year Capital Plan that includes 3 seismic upgrade projects (George Jay, Tillicum, and Shoreline), the mechanical/energy upgrade (Vic High), the 3 buildings envelope projects (Lambrick, Esquimalt and Mt. Doug), the 2 replacement schools (Cedar Hill and Frank Hobbs) and the 2 school addition projects(Mt. Doug and Spectrum).

*I will be asking some important questions at the next OPPs  (Nov. 13 @7:30pm) meeting about our budget. I want to have a discussion about ‘capping’ the expenses of our senior staff.

I will put two motions forward to our Board to write letters pertaining to the following two issues. If the motions do NOT pass I will write the letters myself.

  • an advocacy letter to the new Minister of Education requesting that he undertake a review of funding for assessments of our K, gr1, gr2, and gr 3 students who exhibit significant learning needs but get NO funding at this time
  • an advocacy letter to the new Minister of Education requesting a review of funding for students with significant and persistent behavioral challenges. Presently, most of our students with severe autism and oppositional defiant behaviour receive educational support time for less than half the day. This puts students and teachers at risk!

Thank you!
Your trustee,

Deborah Nohr ( 250-380-0888 or 250-896-0808-c )
Please write a quick e-mail…and express you ideas,feedback or concerns, if any.

• premier@gov.bc.ca
• *minister.educ@gov.bc.ca
• MLA Finder- drop down menu / easy to use
• robin.austin.mla@leg.bc.ca education critic
Premier Christy Clark Wants 10 Years Without Any Labour Disruption for BC Teachers
Premier Clark ‘imagined’ students in grade two continuing through to grade 12 without any threat of labour disruption. I would like to assure Premier Clark that all teachers, support staff, families and citizens would also like to see this. However, Premier  Clark has lost sight of the most critical detail necessary to bring this to pass.

In 2002, Minister of Education, Christy Clark passed Bill 28, Public Education Flexibility and Choice Act, which resulted in removing approximately $275 million from public education funding EACH YEAR. This was a devastating blow.

As a trustee and a retired teacher I also, ‘imagine’ ALL students from kindergarten to grade 12 experiencing a highly effective educational experience based on more teachers to meet more needs, less split grades, more learning support teachers to target our bright students with learning disabilities, much more counselling support, full-time educational assistance for full-time students was significant and severe behaviour challenges and proactive educational assessments for high need students who enter the system in kindergarten, grade one and two.

I encourage every citizen in our community to realize and support the necessity of reinstating this very essential funding. The 80%  of our citizens who do not have children in our public education system should understand that public education, the great builder of equality, most definitely has the potential to create literate and competent students who then bring greater employment, higher levels of employment, stability, creativity and vitality to our communities.

Deborah Nohr
 SD 61

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